Race Reports 2019-20

Lent Bumps 2020 - W1

Day 1 - Bumped by Jesus W1

Spirit before race: Top-notch (checkout Rowbridge);
Spirit rowing up: Scared, with instances of shaky legs, but we’ve got this;
Spirit at start: What?! Hang on, did somebody say 9?! Cox is being dragged out of the boat! Shoooowt is this the cannon? Yes it is - I guess we’re racing NOW (phew, miraculously, a good start);
Spirit before first post: ‘La-la-la’ no clue what’s happening but the boat feels kinda nice - in time! Good!;
Spirit after first post: Scary, whistles, commotion, what is happening?;
Spirit around grassy: Hold on, you’re lying - we’re not giving up, not today!;
Spirit near ditton: SCARY whistles AAAAAA, hang on, what? Are we making a move?! It seems like we are, but I can see a bow ball near my blade.. oups, I guess today! BUMP!
The end.

- Written by Stanimira Georgieva.

Day 2 - Bumped by Downing W1


Day 3 - Bumped by Emma W1


Day 4 - Bumped Emma W1

NCBC W1 in Lent Bumps 2020 (Day 4)

Lent Bumps 2020 - W2

Day 1 - Rowed Over

W2 had an excellent start and looked to be gaining on Corpus within the first few strokes. The course took a dramatic turn when Corpus then halted in front of them, in the middle of the river. With Queens full steam at their heels it seemed to spell disaster. But not today. Your crew of steel pulled out in front of the carnage and within one stroke were back in full blazing glory. As Queens sunk into the distance, they set their sights on Wolfson. A power ten and Wolfson started to sweat. The crew gave them hell down the reach and pinned them down at the railway bridge holding one whistle on them until the bitter end. Such an undoubtedly strong row over left the crew buzzing and hungry for the bump on Thursday.

- Written by Clemmie Smith and Héloïse Dunlop.

Day 2 - Bumped Clare W2

NCBC W2 in Lent Bumps 2020 (Day 2)

With Karla in Wales on a mission to become Britain’s next best glaciologist, W2 tried to keep it together and maintain their composure. However, they were off to a not-so-excellent start when Lucy, the stroke, made the unfortunate discovery during their row up that her rigger was attempting to yeet itself off the boat. It looked as though W2 would have to settle with some fluorescent pink tape to control this runaway rigger. Fortunately, Pete from Emma came to the rescue with his handyman toolbox and W2 were as good as brand new.
Boom - the canon goes off. It’s time to show the Cam what W2 are made of. W2 were off to a speedy start and began gaining on Clare stroke by stroke. Cheering from the banks after Newnham bridge seemed to give W2 the send they needed to end Clare, but Queens were fighting them every stroke of the way. Clare, Newnham, Queens. All within a boat’s length of one another with whistles being blown from left, right and centre. After an outstanding corner made by Shaaroni around the Gut, Héloïse found herself nearly decapitate the Clare Cox who was refusing to concede. After a few more gruelling strokes W2 finally did it. They touched the butt. BUMP.

- Written by Sophie Yang.

Day 3 - Bumped Wolfson W1

NCBC W2 in Lent Bumps 2020 (Day 3)

It was pouring with rain so W2 had a soggy row up to the start but we were feeling confident and rowing solidly. After a good practice start we had our heads in the game and were ready for a good race! The cannon went and we had speedy start, almost immediately gaining a whistle on Wolfson. Clare W2 were off behind us in the distance and before we knew it the race was over - we had bumped before first post corner with Newnham Bridge still in sight!! Shaaroni was even complimented on her beautiful lines by the marshal. After a great race today we're looking forward to the last day of bumps tomorrow!

- Written by Alice Bell and Helen Eastmond.

Day 4 - Bumped Hughes Hall W1

After a speedy row up with an enormous tail wind, Newnham W2 span and was ready to face the wind head on. With 20 seconds to go until the cannon, an enormous gust of wind hit, but the combination of our skilful cox, Shaaroni, and the responsiveness of bow 4 meant we were able to sort out our line and get off to a flying start. Immediately, we were inside station, and within no time we had 3 whistles on Hughes Hall. After powering through some nearly-boat-stopping gusts of wind, we secured the bump right under Newnham Bridge!

- Written by Karla Boxall and Lucy Walker.

Lent Bumps 2020 - W3

Day 1 - Bumped by Emma W3

Today was the first bumps for everyone in W3 boat, and we were ready. A strong start at rate 36, heels down and heads in the boat. Our adrenaline was rushing but as the weather closed in, so did Emma. Darwin was within two lengths, but by Newnham bridge we had to concede. With our heads in the game, we are prepared to demolish the next three races. Yeah Newnham!

- Written by Maria Victoria Rodriguez Noci and Ranait Flanagan.

Day 2 - Bumped by Clare Hall W1

We were off to a great start, until we caught feelings. Then we caught crabs. As a result, Clare Hall W1 caught us and bumped us - we're waiting to bump back!

- Written by Beatrice Beressi and Marta KubaƄska.

Day 3 - Rowed over

We started on a good line heading towards Clare Hall to get them back after bumping us on Wednesday. Battling through the wind and rain, we started to gain on Clare Hall to one boat length, until we saw Tit Hall blocking the river very casually. Even with Fania’s expert steering, we couldn’t get through the non-existent gap, so we crashed into the bank. The strong Evelyn pushed us off the bank and we started again quickly aware that Homerton was approaching.
After taking a strong line and some very powerful rowing we escaped Homerton and tried to regain the lost water between us and Clare Hall. Despite having to restart on the Reach, we could see Clare Hall, but couldn’t quite catch them today! WE WILL GET THEM TOMORROW!

- Written by Florence Bradshaw and Emma Gough.

Day 4 - Rowed over

On our last day of bumps we were determined to make every stroke count. After a strong start, we immediately gained on Clare Hall W1 and made them sweat! Whistles blowing, cox shouting and crowds cheering, we knew we had to go for it. But so did Clare Hall - never more than a boat-length ahead of us, they pushed until the end. Even when we overlapped on the reach, they didn’t give up and managed to survive the threat we posed. Well done Clare Hall, well done us, and see you in 2021! What a fantastic end to bumps!!

- Written by Imogen Wilkins and Emma Gough.