Race Reports 2019

Lent Bumps 2019 - W1

W1 in May Bumps 2018

Day 1

Bumped Downing W1 - full report to come

Lent Bumps 2019 - W2

W2 in May Bumps 2018

Day 1 - Rowed Over

W2 had a really strong row over. Maggie W2 bumped out early so we had no pressure from behind but powered through, gaining on Wolfson W1. Along the reach we were constantly 2/3 whistles away from them. It was tight right up until the end but we couldn’t quite make the bump before the finish. It was a promising start to our bumps campaign, and we’re really hopeful for our next day of racing on Thursday!

By Alice Bell and Helen Eastmond

Lent Bumps 2019 - W3

W3 in May Bumps 2018

Day 1 - Bumped Maggie W3

After an amazing display keeping it strong and together at the Getting on Race, we were excited to take on Bumps having earned our place there. It was the first Bumps for everyone except Stani who, as the adopted mother of the boat, kept everyone cool. Pumped with adrenaline and jelly babies we rowed up in slightly windy but beautifully sunny conditions. On the boom of the first canon, we de-kitted, reminding ourselves just to keep rowing hard. Due to the wind we were pushed out just before the starting canon fired. We had a strong start, but soon whistles were blaring as Clare Hall started creeping up on us. On the call of our bamboozling awesome cox we stepped it up, powering through to bump LMBC just under Newnham Bridge. Our race had ended and we didn’t even realised until we were pulled in by the bank party. After such a short but exhilarating race, we were ready for whatever the rest of Bumps had in store for us. We rowed home proud with leaves in our hair, the sun on our faces, looking up at the mountains!

By Esme Fowkes and Stanimira Georgieva

Day 2 - Technical Row Over, full report to follow