Rowing (or Coxing!)

Cambridge is renowned for its rowing, and the sport has by far the highest participation rates of any activity in the university. NCBC is very much part of that, and we'd love to get you involved! Whether you've been rowing since you could walk, or have never set eyes on a boat before, we would be delighted to welcome you into the club!


"Novicing" is a term of training that will teach you the basics of rowing, give you a taste for the sport and get you ready to row for real. It's a great way to learn a new sport, meet loads of new people from college and have fun! You will learn the basic stroke technique on ergs (rowing machines), go on water outings once or twice a week and take part in Novice races against other colleges. There are also plenty of socials and swaps for novices.

While the primary focus of the novicing term is to learn to row and have fun doing so, in recent years our novices have met with success in the competitions they've entered, with victories in races such as Queens' Ergs (an indoor relay race on ergs) and the Fairbairn Cup (a long time trial that brings the Michaelmas term to an end and marks the transition from novice to senior rower).

If you don't fancy getting hot or sweaty, but would like to be involved in a great team, and enjoy having a sense of power, then coxing may be for you! We are always on the lookout for people to steer the boat and give directions to the crew.

Whether you're a fresher or a final-year, don't leave Cambridge without having a crack at the university's most popular sport. Zero experience/fitness needed- just enthusiasm, we will train you up to have the rest!

NCBC novicing pictures

How to get involved:

NCBC coaches novice boats in Michaelmas and Easter Term. If you would like to give it a go, find us at the college fresher's fair (we're normally the ones with the ridiculous amount of stash and kit on our table and persons!) and we'll let you know what's happening. Alternatively, drop the Lower Boats Captains(LBCs) an email and they'll get you up to speed.

If you have rowed before:

If you have had some prior experience of rowing then you may be able to go straight into one of our senior crews. If this is the case, please get in touch with our Captain, who will be able to discuss your options with you.